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Wholesale Sign Express is the latest industry specific service by Al Puig of Northstar Signs & Neon, Inc.

In 1982, already an established Graphic Artist and Offset Printer, Al moved his print shop from Manhattan to Long Island. In 1983, Offset Printing led to Screen Printing. By 1984 Screen Printing brought him into the Sign Industry. By 1985, Al was “Back Spraying” sign faces for his new friends in the sign business.

A trip to San Antonio, TX, to the International Sign Show changed everything. Al came back to Long Island with the latest Computer, Scanner, and CNC Cutter/Plotter. Al sold the print shop with a new challenge in mind and put all of his focus into the sign business. New technology brought about more challenging designs which required new fabrication techniques.

As computers got more powerful and CNC equipment allowed for a whole new set of fabrication skills. The introduction of new materials like HDU and PVC was another key point.

With the introduction of HDU and PVC substrates carved signs with 35 years of experience in the industry, and with the help of talented staff of professionals, we are especially excited to launch “The Next Generation of Wholesale Sign Fabrication”.